Friday, November 14, 2008

Three unrelated bits

These three news stories caught my eye. They really have very little to do with each other, I guess…

New Zealand fifth with the ladies

The World Economic Forum has found that New Zealand was ranked fifth in the world for gender equality. The top country was Norway, followed by Finland, Sweden and Iceland. Britain was 13, Australia was 21 and the US was 27. This is great, but as the first nation in the world to give women the vote, and with a female Prime Minister for a decade, you’d think New Zealand would be a bit higher. Guess we’ll have to try harder.

Who would Jesus beat?

A Christchurch man who claimed that he had a right as a Christian to beat his son won’t be facing trial, after the Crown decided not to give any evidence in the case. Crown prosecutor Janine Bonifant said that was different from saying it didn’t believe the alleged offences took place. Whatever. It seems to me this joker got a free pass because he played the god card, and that’s never a good thing. (The original version of the news story linked to above puts this news item into its proper context within New Zealand politics).

Malaysian islamists freak over pants

Malaysia's National Fatwa Council recently decreed that women wearing pants risked becoming tomboys who became sexually active. Like that’s a bad thing or something. The Malaysian government, which recently went after bloggers and other dissidents, threatened anyone who disagreed with the fatwa, saying the government would “take stern action as it involves national security." Pants. On women. Threat to national security. Right… Some people really do need to get out more.

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Nessa said...

The second story really pisses me off. As a child who was knocked around, I find it disgusting that the father would justify his actions with the god card.