Friday, November 07, 2008

Hate on the march

In the wake of their victories in several states—especially California—far right christianist extremists have been busy. They started polluting gay websites with hate-filled comments and pretending they’re victims. They took a few gay people’s intemperate remarks born of the frustration and the pain of having extremists succeed in taking away their fundamental human rights, and then decided that they’ve been “threatened”.

That’s a bit rich coming from people who routinely have made treasonous comments on their websites, advocating all sorts of violence toward the people they hate—especially gay and lesbian people. Their phony outrage doesn’t fool me.

But where are the hate-filled comments on my blog? I’ve left comments at sites they’re stalking and have included my URL, yet none of them have left homophobic comments here. I’m appalled at their lack of concern for the clear threat I present to them.

I mean, really: I have a university education, I don’t follow their crackpot “religions”, I vote Democratic in the US and Labour in New Zealand—I’m clearly everything they’re not: Educated, rational and enlightened. Moreover, I don’t let medieval superstitions guide my life, I trust science and I don’t believe in the supernatural. Clearly they need to go after people like me. And yet, not one stupid comment.

This blog is immune because the people who read it are more intelligent than the far right christianists who backed the hate measures like California’s Prop 8. I suspect that if any of the nutcases started attacking me I’d have plenty of people coming to my defence.

And that’s the thing that the haters should take from all this: We have far more allies and friends than they realise. They may have won the battle, but they will lose the war they’ve declared. And that’s not a threat—it’s a fact.


Anonymous said...

This blog is, uh, stupid and you're, well, threatening me!

So, do us all a favour and go back to---wait, you already live somewhere else. You---you're threatening me!

Anonymous said...

You can't talk to Arthur like that. I'm telling (insert deity of choice here) on you.

kim beaver said...

Woe betide you! If you mess with Arthur you mess with me - and you should know that I'm not quite as rational and enlightened as he is but I am famous for blackening stupid people's eyes in a jiffy!

Btw, how dare you ignore my threatening site!!! I feel left out.


Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks for the defence, Ann and Kim, but as the attacks have gone, this was quite mild. But from it we can see two things: How easy it is to rile up the opposition, and second, that they have poor reading comprehension (nowhere in this post did I threaten anyone). And it also shows that I can be a bit impish, because it was naughty to egg on the far right. It's kind of like teasing animals at the zoo—they can't help being what they are, they act through irrational reaction and often smell badly. Okay, I don't know if that last one is true of our opponents, too, or not, but it is mean to poke lower animals—I'm talking of zoo animals, of course.

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm PRETTY sure., having gone to the blog, that commenter #1 was making a joke.

Anonymous said...

Fear not, Arthur. I, Mark, shall protect you from these religious fanatics!

Though this heartless attack was baseless and uncalled for, you must be at least somewhat relieved that these handsome, handsome extremists have finally responded to the clear threat that you present.

Arthur Schenck said...

Yeah, the whole thing was just a bit of fun. I've had real troll attacks and responded quite differently. And really, why on earth would the radical hordes (there's a "d" in that word...) want to stop by here? They go where their stupidtiy will be seen the most people, and that ain't here.

Now, back to work...