Friday, April 18, 2008

Puppy path of destruction

Jake isn’t a destructive fellow. He doesn’t go around chewing up things or wrecking things. We’ve had other dogs that have done all of that. However, sometimes even Jake can’t avoid his nature.

The photo above shows what used to be a toy rhinoceros…I think. We have a small box of toys for when our young nieces come to visit, and this was one of the little toy plastic animals in it—except that it wasn’t. Somehow, this one wasn’t found and put away, so Jake found it and this is the result.

Jake also sometimes likes picking up socks from the floor, or even removing clean ones from the top of a dresser. He’s less interested in other clothes lying on the floor, and even this interest seems to be waning, unlike his late sister who was quite keen on pinching socks.

Jake usually sticks to playing with his own toys, leaving the human stuff alone. He is, in fact, probably the best-behaved dog we’ve ever had. So, really, the fact that he chewed the toy just gives me an excuse to talk about him and post a new photo of him.


Scotty H said...

hey arthur.
well... U know i've reached a new low of study procrastination when i start reading blogs!
(no offence, but I don't read ANY blogs, ever. It takes too long, and U need a computer).

anyway, U never said Jake was soooo super cute, crazy, curly, & soft looking.
wow. I really want a cute puppy even more now.
but i'd have to build a fence first.


- Austraaaalia

doyle and mollie said...

you go bro!! he he - funny coincidence, ive just been nabbed too - i dont think my sock fetish is waining though - hope you dont mind me linking your misdemeanor on my page http://theprofessionalsat.blogspot.com/2008/04/caught-red-handed.html - doyle ;D