Monday, April 07, 2008

Changing times

New Zealand went back onto Standard Time over the weekend. I don’t know anyone who actually likes seasonal time changes, but I know quite a few people who hate the changes. Me, I’m pretty indifferent either way.

Our Daylight Time was extended this year—it started a little earlier and ended later. There was a good thing about this: It made for a longer summer. Mind you, the dry, hotter weather helped that.

There is, however, what I think is a pretty big downside.

In previous years, when the clocks went back earlier, the days got shorter gradually. But by delaying the time change, we now have an abrupt change in the length of daylight. That I don’t like. Still, there’s some daylight when I get up now, and that’s good.

But I’m one of those people who wishes that the time was just the same all year around (even thought the time changes don’t bother me that much). I’m probably not alone in that wish.

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