Tuesday, May 01, 2007

AmeriNZ #6 - Arthur meets Adam

Episode 6 is now available, a talk episode. The episode is free no matter where you get it from. You can listen to it or download it through the player at the bottom of the post here, or subscribe for free through iTunes here (you must have the free iTunes player installed). You can also listen to it for free through the player on my MySpace page.
This week, I talk with Adam of This Boy Elroy. Adam’s podcast was one the first of its type I listened to, and it was an inspiration for my own. I also found other podcasts and blogs through Adam’s site.
Don’t talk about religion or politics?! What else could a couple proud liberals talk about? Well, there’s plastic grocery bags, JoeMyGod, Australia and much more. Is America doing penance? Is American democracy doomed? A frank and opinionated conversation—as you’d expect. We had some Skype problems that I tried to edit out, and my sound levels drop toward the end for some reason.
You can see the This Boy Elroy video I mentioned here.
I’ll post my next regular podcast on Friday New Zealand time.

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Kalv1n said...

You souless atheist liberals! Thank god there are so few of you in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I hope you do all emigrate. Sheesh! I have to go roll around in bibles, I feel SO dirrrty.

They don't refrigerate eggs? What kind of place is that? And I don't have a canvas bag. :( Now I feel guilty. Although they are starting to make more of them out of cornstarch.

The editing must have been very smooth because I didn't notice it at all. I'm happy the conversation didn't wiivolve too much. You gaming addicts. What a fun surprise to have an extra show!

Anonymous said...

Love the Tuesday addition! Listening to you and Adam talk about politics makes me feel there is a chance for change in this country. I feel like my politics are SO similar to you both. I look forward to many more Tuesday shows!

Anonymous said...

I didnt know that you're a Wii boy, Arthur - me too! (or should that be "mii too"?) - just started playing Super Paper Mario.

lost in france said...

Hmmm. I guess I must get into this podcasting thing. I am starting to feel behind the curve.

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I didn't plan to respond on the podcast first, but it's been a hectic week.

Kalvin: Yeah, us liberals are going to bring down civilisation. The Plan requires leaving eggs un-refrigerated, of course to force our goddless ways on the masses--oh, hang on, that's part of a different Plan. Sorry.

I spent a little effort on the editing to try and make it as smooth as possible, and I think it paid off. Thanks for noticing!

Archerr: You know, I may be suspicious of the current occupiers of the White House, but I still have hope that Anericans can get their country back from the cabal that seized it six years ago.

Michael: I'm more of a wanna-Wii, since I don't have one yet. I'm holding out for the HD version (or add-on or whatever) that's sure to come out soon.

LiF: I always say, do what you enjoy. Some people are perfectly happy blogging, and I think that's great. The thing is, all of them--blogging, podcasting, vlogging--are a lot of work. Why do it if it isn't fun? And your blog is definitely fun. Having said that, I think you'd do a great podcast!

lost in france said...

You'd have to hear my voice first in order to be sure!

Arthur Schenck said...

Maybe so, LiF, but one thing I've learned is that many podcasters (me included) don't like the sound of their own voice (despite appearances to the contrary!). The content is most important, and things like sound, style and delivery can all be learned and improved on, as I'm certainly trying to do. But first you have to be able to produce the content, and I think you'd be quite good at that!

lost in france said...

Aw, gee(says Lost in France, blushing with embarrassment and a bit of pride)!