Friday, May 25, 2007

AmeriNZ #12 – Moving On

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We’re doing much better, but today was difficult for me. Everything has been made better by the support we’ve had, including from all my new friends from my blog and podcast. Should we animal lovers be a little more upfront? Vicious dogs: They’re usually made so by their owners.
To get my podcast back on track, I talk a bit about Westminster-style parliamentary systems. In some ways, they’re much stronger than an American-style system. The exit of the UK’s Tony Blair is put into context of parliamentary systems, which opens up talk of New Zealand’s application of the system. Parliamentary systems like New Zealand has are more consultative, and so, do things that generally have more broad-based support.
Then, commentapalooza! A special appeal ends this episode—I hope you consider it.
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This Boy Elroy said...

Where on earth have you ever encountered ridicule when your pet died? I've never been in any environment where that would happen.

Re: Parliamentary systems. I remember when I was in college and mindlessly skipping though channels one day in my dorm room and happened upon CSPAN coverage of The Prime Minister's Questions. That was the day when I fell in love with the Parliamentary system of government. It was so clear to me then that in the parliamentary system the policies enacted by the legislature are more in step with the general public opinion and are not as skewed by wingnut outliers. In speaking with many of my international colleagues they seem to think that our system has one great advantage, local representation in the federal government. I go on to explain to them that actually that it may sound good on paper but in reality jerrymandering perpetuates the class, race, and religious stratification which is why there is a conservative majority in congress today.

lost in france said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing better now!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are beginning to move on. It's very hard to deal with but at some point you do move on. Sounds like you're doing just that.

I can't imagine people making fun of you about your dog. I think most people who don't have children who do have pets treat their pets like their children. My sister is the same way with her animals.

I don't know much about the Parliamentary system but it does sound much stronger then what we currently have going on in the US. Actually, anything is better then what we are dealing with with Bush.

Arthur Schenck said...

Adam: I haven't personally experienced ridicule, but I've seen it, and at the same place I'm working part-time now. There's a fair bit of sexism, too, because men can't grieve for pets and women can.

I completely agree with you about parliamentary systems, though Question Time is largely choreographed point-scoring. Actually, I found out recently that NZ's Question Time is available as a podcast, though that's a bit much even for me.

You are so right about the local representation thing--especially that it's not as strong in America as it looks on paper. It's also not quite as weak in a parliamentary system as it looks.

LiF: Yep, definitely doing better. The sunny days lately help, I have to say.

Archerr: I agree that most (or at least many) people treat their pets like children. That may be why we feel their loss so keenly.

One main advantage of a parliamentary system is that Bush would be long gone if America had such a system.

Kalv1n said...

I feel so terrible that I haven't commented until now. I actually listened to your podcast earlier on Friday, but things just got so crazy with the holiday weekend that I didn't get back to your page.

I do like the parliamentary system idea, but it does seem almost as if there is more of a check in the US when the executive isn't abused. I think it would be good if there could be a "popular" recall. Although here, one of the major problems I have is that Bush can do so much foreign policy without any oversight. The bastard.

I think it's shocking that people do things like that with companion animals. I've never experienced it myself, but I've heard many stories about it. I try and always defend those people and their family members.