Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The day of events related to each other

Today was one of those rare kind of days in which most of what happens is related to other things going on. In fact, everything today was connected, and that doesn’t normally happen.

Yesterday I talked about placing a couple orders online, one for delivery from the supermarket and the other for pick-up from a hardware/home centre place. Together, these determined how I structured my day.

When I got up this morning, I saw an email from the home warehouse place saying, "we are currently experiencing a high volume of online orders and there may be a delay for fulfillment of your order." That email was sent at 11:55pm last night, after I went to bed. It also said, "please wait for your ‘ready to collect email’, this email will allow you to book a time to safely pickup your order." That email still hasn't arrived, so apparently the order isn't ready.

This affected my day in two ways. First, I didn’t want to get all involved in things only to have to leave to pick up my order (and I was worried it might be ready at the same time the supermarket order was due to arrive, and I thought that could be a problem if I wasn't there at the time because some of the stuff was refrigerated).

The other way it affected me was that they wanted me to print out the order (to show to them, apparently), but I hadn’t yet found the printer that works. I knew where the multi-function printer was, but only the scanner part works (we had the printer part repaired several years ago, so I think there might be a design flaw). Nevertheless, on the theory that a bad printer was better than none, I got it (because I knew where it was). However, I found that the movers didn’t pack everything in the box with it: The power cord and the cables to connect it to the network or to a computer were missing.

I decided to look for the printer that I knew worked, but I had to find the box it was in, and that meant getting some other boxes out of the way first. I eventually found the printer, and, along the way, also unpacked a total of 15 boxes, all up. I printed out the order, as instructed, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use it soon.

I’m beginning to run out of room to unpack anything else because my garage is filled with flattened moving boxes and big boxes filled with newsprint. I can see, and I know, that I’ve made a lot of progress with the unpacking, but it it doesn't look like it, and it frustrates me that I’m (apparently?) not farther along in this process.

I won’t be able to take the boxes to the recycling centre until Alert Level 2 (at the earliest), but when I moved in the movers told me to ring them and they’d collect the boxes. Since they can move people again (with restrictions), I’m thinking that maybe they’ll pick up the boxes as long as they can do it without needing to be around me. That’ll be a subject for the future.

Once it was past five, I had a hunch I wouldn’t get the “ready to collect” email, which was fine since the delivery time for the supermarket order was getting closer. At 5:42pm, a full 18 minutes before the scheduled delivery window of 6pm to 8pm was to begin, my supermarket order arrived. It's not the first time I've received an order from them early, but I wasn't expecting that under the circumstances.

About a half hour after my supermarket order arrived, I received an automated text message to tell me the timeframe for the delivery of the order—the one that had already been delivered. That’s also not the first time that’s happened—in fact, because they're still on my phone, I know that the previous one was in December at the old house, and the one before that was the end of July, a couple months, it turned out, before Nigel died. Still, what matters is that the order was completed, unlike the hardware order.

And now I get to relax for the evening. Technically, that's related to today's events, too, because they wore me out. But those same events also helped me get a lot done. I count that as a win.

This post is a revised and greatly expanded version of something I posted to my personal facebook.

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