Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pizza-ish night

There was a time Nigel and I would make our own pizzas, and last night I revisited those efforts. It was more assembly than creation, but it was nice all the same, just as it was years ago.

When Nigel and I made our pizzas, we used bases from the supermarket at first. Then for a time we made mini pizzas using small flour tortillas, and we even bought a cast iron frypan to use for that.

The photo above is a descendant of those early efforts that I made (well, assembled…) for last night’s dinner. I used 12 inch flour tortillas, pre-made pizza sauce (from the supermarket), some fresh tomato I chopped, some already chopped black olives (in a jar), oregano, and two grated cheeses (Edam and Parmesan, and, yes, I grated the cheese myself). I put them on pizza pans and put them in the oven (200C) until the cheese was melted, maybe 8 minutes.

It was quick and easy, and I’ll do it again.

For some time—years, probably—I wanted to try making pizza completely from scratch, especially the base and sauce. This lockdown experience has led me to try making things I never did before, so maybe I’ll finally make pizza from scratch, too. After all, even after we’re finally out of Lockdown and Lockdown Lite I’ll still need things to do.

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