Sunday, April 19, 2020

Another lockdown food adventure

Tonight was my first attempt at making Karaage Chicken. I had to improvise a bit, but it was pretty good! I count it as a win.

The recipe has two parts. First, around 300g of chicken is marinated for about a half hour or so, then it’s dipped in a coating and fried.

The marinade is 3T Japanese soy sauce (yes it makes a difference), 1T sake, 5g fresh ginger, 2 cloves of crushed fresh garlic. My substitutes: mirin instead of sake, maybe 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger instead of fresh (probably could have been a bit more).

The coating is meant to be 1/4 cup katakuriko potato starch/flour. I used corn flour (corn starch) with a little ordinary flour added (don’t know if that flour's needed, though, and without it the coating is gluten free).

The oil should get to about 180C (about 350F). Fry in small batches and put on paper towel or a rack to drain.

It's served with Japanese soy sauce and Japanese mayonnaise (also known as yum-yum sauce). It's also supposed to be served with cabbage and a wedge of lemon, but I had neither of those, either. I don’t think that really mattered, but other people might feel differently.

In sum, it was nice, and Nigel would've told me to make it again, which is the ultimate test and seal of approval. I’ll definitely make it again.

As it happens, I didn't use the recipe I mentioned in a post on Friday. The Internet can be useful.

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