Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The annual number increase happened

Last week I added another year to the tally. I didn’t care. Since I’d chosen to move out of my old house that day, there was never going to be time for a birthday, much less a birthday post, and being without real Internet since that day meant I’ve been somewhat limited in being able to post anything at all, much less special posts, however traditional they may have been.

So, my birthday last week was a bust, not doubt about it. The stress and strain of that day, along with the fact that I can’t deal with frustration right now, led to a bit of a meltdown—but my birthday was never part of all that. Still, in light of the way the day went, my missing my own birthday dinner was just in keeping with how badly the day went.

The next day—my birthday in US time—was the day I moved into my new house, which meant it started out a better day than the day before. Plus, I got the yummy birthday cake my mother-in-law had made for me.

This year, my birthday was pretty much a non-event. It was vastly overshadowed by the events around me, and this year I didn’t care about it, anyway. Maybe next year will be different, maybe not. Right now, I don’t care about that, either.

But maybe next year I’ll at least be able to blog about it.

Here’s my annual birthday selfie, this one taken on my birthday, as the movers were doing their thing:

The Illinois Route 61 sign is a public domain graphic available from Wikimedia Commons. The road runs in western Illinois (in the bulgey part of the state). I doubt I’ve even been on the road.

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rogerogreen said...

Well, if this helps to remember how old you are - I need devices - 61 is 16 flipped, and 16 was Illinois' Abe Lincoln, which you're sort of like, beards and all.