Friday, January 03, 2020

Google’s Year in Search 2019

Another post I make every December is one sharing Google’s “year in search” video, along with some of “top five” searches. I like those posts so I can refer back to them, so I didn’t want to skip it for 2019, even if I wasn’t all that blogtastic last month.

So, here’s what was trending in 2019.


Top 5 overall searches in the world: 1 India vs South Africa, 2 Cameron Boyce, 3 Copa America, 4 Bangladesh vs India, 5 iPhone 11. Top 5 news stories searched in the world: 1 Copa America, 2 Notre Dame, 3 ICC Cricket World Cup, 4 Hurricane Dorian, 5 Rugby World Cup.

United States

Top 5 overall searches in the USA: 1 Disney Plus, 2 Cameron Boyce, 3 Nipsey Hussle, 4 Hurricane Dorian, 5 Antonio Brown. Top 5 news stories searched in the USA: 1 Hurricane Dorian, 2 Notre Dame Cathedral, 3 Women's World Cup, 4 Area 51 raid, 5 Copa America.

New Zealand

Top 5 overall searches in New Zealand: 1 Rugby World Cup, 2 New Zealand vs England, 3 Cricket World Cup, 4 Christchurch Shooting, 5 Stuff News NZ. Top 5 news stories searched in NZ: 1 Christchurch Shooting, 2 Nelson Fire, 3 The fall of the Berlin wall, 4 London Bridge attack, 5 Measles.

I know what most of those refer to, but I’d never heard of Copa America, probably because it’s not terribly relevant in Australasia. I do think it’s interesting that it made the top 5 searches both globally and in the USA; that doesn’t always happen.

Staying on the sporting theme, two of the top 5 global searches refer to cricket—“India vs South Africa” and “Bangladesh vs India”, which figures since a top 5 global news search item was “ICC Cricket World Cup”—and “Rugby World Cup”. Both of those made New Zealand’s search lists, but not the USA’s. Of course. NZ’s search for “New Zealand vs England” is probably about cricket—but it could be about rugby, too. All of which goes to show that search terms alone leave out some information.

2020 is an election year in New Zealand and the USA, so I expect to see terms relating to politics on the lists for the two countries. And plenty that aren’t. We search for lots of stuff, after all.


rogerogreen said...

He was in his early 20s and died from an epileptic seizure.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

That's actually another one I didn't know, but I couldn't be bothered to find out what it referred to. I probably assumed it was some celebrity or sportsball player or something like that. 😉

rogerogreen said...

Cameron Boyce? Wow. I knew who he was, as the obnoxious older brother on the Disney TV series Jessie and some subsequent Disney films. But Cameron Boyce #2 worldwide? Yikes