Thursday, January 02, 2020

The annual mashup post

For several years now, I’ve ended every year with mash-up and other year-end videos. Last year I was understandably off my blogging game, so I didn’t share any of those. But it’s only January 2, so that’s close enough, I think.

The video above is this year’s annual mashup by DJ Earworm, “United State of Pop 2019 (Run away)”. As with last year’s video, I’m familiar with a lot of the videos, and even shared some of them. That’s unlikely to be true this year since I don’t watch music videos as much as I used to. Oh, well.

The complete list of the tracks mentioned is in the YouTube description.

December didn’t just mean the end of a year, but also of a decade (in popular usage of the word). To mark the occasion, DJ Earworm released another video, “DECADE OF POP – 100 Song Mashup” (video below). As with the video above, the YouTube description contains a list of most of the artists, though it’s not a track list. I’d forgotten about some of the songs, and a few I wish I’d forgotten, but there are some I still like.

These mash-up videos are an annual look at the pop songs that were popular for the year, what I often call “the backing track to the year”. This year, there’s a decade’s worth of videos, too.

And next year? Well, right now I just hope my blogging will be back to “normal” by then.

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