Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Keith is right about this

In this latest video, Keith Olbermann returns to his more strident (perhaps even incendiary) style after a series of videos that have been calmer and quieter in tone. I wouldn’t usually put things the way Keith does, and, as I’ve said before, his commentary is sometimes somewhat unhelpful, and that’s precisely because of the tone he takes. But that doesn’t mean what he says isn’t true, and this video is one of those times.

The one point I think is most important to stress is that the abject racism of Don’s regime, and the racial hatred Don has unleashed has an insatiable thirst for blood. What this means is that anyone who’s not white—or, more accurately, a white Christian cisgender heterosexual—is at risk. The conservative Black and Hispanic pastors who support Don, for example, will not be spared because of that support: If Don’s regime succeeds, they’ll be in the firing line, so to speak, just as much as everyone else Don has gone after so far.

There is no middle ground here—in fact, there never was. People can support Don and his regime, or they can support liberty, democracy, and the rule of the law, but they cannot support both. The racism of Don and his regime is only one of many reasons why Republicans have a duty to finally put country ahead of party and/or crass, petty, entirely personal lust for power and money. They must remove Don from office. It’s up to Republicans becuse they congrol Congress, and without their suport, Don can’t be impeached, let alone removed from office. Without Republicans, the 25th Amendment also can’t be used to remove Don from office. So, ultimately, it’s up to Republicans to save the country. I personally don’t think they’re capable of being that patriotic or selfless.

I’m probably just as pessimistic and cynical as Keith is, even if I don’t usually put things as bluntly or even agressively as he does. But that doesn’t mean what he says isn’t true, and this is one of those times.

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