Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A scrawled reply

I posted an uncropped version of this photo yesterday on Twitter and Google+, but after a jury service day, I was too tired to post it here last night. Here’s what I said on Google+:
Yesterday, Auckland Council took the first steps toward removing the "occupy Auckland" folks: They asked what date the folks planned to leave. The "protestors" apparently answered via chalk. The photo (above) shows the message in front of both entrances to Council's Civic Administration bldg. this morning. The building is right by the "camp", the photo is of the doors facing Aotea Square. I think forcible removal may now be inevitable.
I snapped the photo at 8:15am yesterday morning. When I went past today, there was nothing; it had been raining a lot, so I don’t know if it was cleaned off or just washed away in the rain.

With the occupation at the original site in New York City cleared, it’s hard to imagine that Auckland’s will last much longer. As I see it, this is now just a question of whether it’ll happen before or after the election.

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