Saturday, November 26, 2011

It’s time

I’ve watched this video several times, and I’ve ended up with tears every time. It’s not just because it’s so well made—and it is, maybe even the best video like this yet made—but because the message is so powerful: It’s time to end marriage discrimination.

This video is intended to call Australians to action, and I hope it does. Marriage equality is bizarrely stalled in Australia (despite popular support) due to the weird, inexplicable—and did I say weird?—personal opposition of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. That must change.

But we’re only slightly better in New Zealand, with our similar-but-separate civil unions. Here, neither of the two main parties endorses marriage equality, and that’s just plain wrong. While this issue wasn’t a deal breaker for me in 2011, in 2014 it very well might be. In any case, I have no intention of letting up on any party that doesn’t openly and honestly embrace the full equality of all citizens, and that includes marriage equality. The reason is obvious: It’s time.

I first saw this video last night, but couldn’t post it because it was after midnight. Since then, the views have skyrocketed. It’s not hard to see why. I’m posting it now because after tonight, many of us can use something positive.

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