Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weather relativity

It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and here in Auckland we’re having a mild one. It’s much cooler than what my American friends and family have experienced lately, but still warmer tempertures than what many of them will have in January (the Northern Hemisphere’s equivalent to July).

Today the high temperature at our house reached 19, which is just over 66 in US Fahrenheit temperature. In US temperatures, the highs shown on the weather widget screenshot accompanying this post range from 52F to about 63F, the nighttime lows between 39F and 52F (those are official highs and lows; it’ll probably be somewhat warmer at our house).

All of this goes to show how weather, and how we experience it, is relative; it varies from place to place and the perception of it varies from person to person. But no matter how bad—or good—it is at any point, it’ll change.

We all know this, but it doesn’t stop us from complaining about weather we consider to be bad for whatever reason. We humans are an odd bunch.

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