Monday, July 18, 2011

Edge of Glory

This video is actually a short film made to go along with Lady Gaga’s single, “The Edge of Glory”, and made just like any other short film (the credits are on their YouTube description). The creators say of the video:
“This video is for everybody. Who has ever loved. And has been loved in return. To those that think it never does or will get better. It does. It does get better, it becomes beautiful.”
I saw this video this morning when someone posted it to Google+, and it started my day off well. It’s sweet, positive and, well, nice. I’m a fan of Lady Gaga, so I like the song—but I like it better with this video giving it some meaning (the official music video, as is so often the case, seems unconnected to the song).

That good mood was nearly ruined this evening when I read comments from the grumps at a leading gay blog—until I remembered that they pretty much hate everything popular. I was once going to write a blog post about these “grumpy old men” as I think of them (even though some can be quite young), but I didn’t want all that negativity oozing all over here.

For me, the bottom line is what I try and remind folks on my various social networks when they seem to be getting carried away with being hypercritical: Every single song, movie, book, TV show or whatever that you love, someone else will hate; every single song, movie, book, TV show or whatever that you hate, someone else will love. Just something to keep in mind.

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