Saturday, October 07, 2023

Two busy days

I had a lot of plans for the past two days. That’s certainly not the first time that’s happened, and it won’t be the last, but it is the first time in an astounding two weeks since the last time it happened. Kidding aside, it IS still unusual.

On Friday, I had dinner with some of the whānau, which is always a winner with me, then today I had plans with my my cousin-in-law to go to the Waikato Home & Garden Show—our third time (I think?). I always look forward to our outing, and this year I hoped to see about getting a patio roof of some sort, though I knew that last year they didn’t have many exhibitors that were companies that do that.

This morning, I drove to my cousin-in-law’s house (we left from there because she lives closer to the venue), and it took me 10 minutes door to door using the new road near my house—the trip was at least 10 minutes faster than it used to be. I continue to be amazed at what a HUGE improvement in my daily life that road has made—even though I thought that would be the case.

There were a few patio roofing options on show, but most of them were louvred, which is usually much more expensive, and not my first choice for a variety of reasons. I think that for this summer I may just use a shade sail.

What I realised today, though, is that I shouldn’t spend thousands and thousands on a patio roof when I don’t know what my long term plan is—and that’s a big topic for another day. Right now, though, a shade cloth could make my patio useable this summer. Stay tuned.

The Show itself was very crowded. That made some areas quite hot, and in other areas it was hard to get through because people were standing in groups of 3 or 4 chatting away. I couldn’t believe how spatially unaware so many people were.

Yesterday, when I was thinking about what today might be like, I jokingly thought to myself that it would be “Covid soup”, but I was imagining the less-attended previous years. I noticed a small but significant number of people were wearing masks today (the proper N95 ones, so they were serious about it). I mention this only in case my joking thought turns out to be a prediction, in which case I’ll want the credit for prophecy, dammit!

Seriously, I think we were both well and truly over the people/crowds by the time we made moves to leave (though anyone who knows me in real life knows I tire of crowds very quickly, and always have). We then had a coffee at my cousin-in-law’s house and visited (and I petted her dogs—a win all its own!).

When I left, I was planning on stopping at the supermarket on the way home. However, the rain got heavier as I drove, and I decided to just go home. Leo was very glad I did that, though I may have received a bit of dog side-eye when Leo smelled other dogs on me. He forgave me, fortunately.

The only thing I planned for this evening was a bit of TV. I had a great day, but I’m pooped! And now the countdown begins: How soon will this happen again?

This is based on two different posts I made on my personal Facebook, revised and edited for extended goodness.

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