Thursday, May 07, 2020

Little work

Sometimes a little work deserves a little reward, and today was one of those days. When I shared the photo above on Instagram, I said:
Just finished mowing the back lawn (not the front because I wasn’t into it today). So, now a little treat: The last piece of fudge I made TWO WEEKS ago. I clearly have self-restraint. Don’t worry, this little snack isn’t as bad as it looks: The espresso is decaffeinated, so it’s healthy.
I’d planned on mowing the lawns today, but kept getting distracted—as I have most days during Lockdown, actually. By the time I got to it, it was mid-afternoon, so I only did the back lawn. By the time I finished, the shadows were getting longer, and it was a good time to stop. But, I wasn’t quite done, as I added in a comment:
I *could* add that I also cleaned the underside of the mower when I finished, because the grass is long and pretty damp (and I haven't done it in the previous three mows). It was good I did because the moisture made the cuttings clump into sort of grass turds. I could've mentioned that, too, but I didn't want to imply I'm industrious or anything. Lockdown has put that myth to bed!
The lawn is definitely thickening up, but it’s a long way from being a proper lawn. I figure if I keep at it, and don’t get too impatient, I’ll get it there eventually. It gives me something to do and a small amount of exercise, too.

Below is one more photo from today, showing the lawn as it looked when I was done mowing it (except doing the edges). For comparison, there are progress photos in my post “Terraforming”, however, this is a sort of “bonus photo”: Later this month, I plan on posting progress photos taken over four months. This photo is actually between two of them. Bonus!

Sadly, though, there won’t be more fudge any time soon. That’s for the best.

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