Monday, March 02, 2020

Happy dogs

The dogs are happy in their new home, as I said early last month, and the photo above is more evidence: Leo and Sunny are playing. That’s not unusual, but the duration was.

All the dogs play, in various combinations, but most often it’s Leo and Sunny. I tried to get Jake and Sunny to play tug-of-war, but it never worked. Leo and Sunny, however, play all the time, and the play tug-of-war, too. What’s new is how long they play it. It’s only a few minutes, sure, but it used to be seconds.

For the record, Sunny always wins. She’s taller than Leo and puts her paw on the cloth near Leo’s mouth and pushes it down until it’s too low for Leo to hold on. Sunny’s an expert at that.

None of this is important, of course, except that it’s further evidence of how well they’ve adjusted, and how relaxed and happy they are in their new home. Maybe I should become a dog?

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