Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Customary arrangement

Someone apparently owns someone else in the Instagram photomontage above, and it’s apparently not the customary arrangement. Not that I’m complaining—I get Instagram photos out of it.

This wasn’t the first time that Leo climbed up onto my shoulder, though it was the first time he’s done that when he should have been eating his dinner. The reason, I think, is that he’s pretty skitterish about Jake and Sunny driving him away and eating his food. They usually eat out on the deck, as they always have, but I moved Leo inside to make him more likely to actually eat, since he was extremely hesitant when I tried feeding him out there, too.

One the whole, this arrangement works well enough, especially in the morning, but in the evening he’s much more cautious. In the photo above, he was up there so he could get a better look out the door where Jake and Sunny eat.

I sit in the chair next to his bowl so I can intercept Sunny when she comes back in and keep her from bothering Leo. He knows that. But he seems to need to know she’s near, and being held back by me, than not knowing where, precisely, she is.

Every once in a while his reluctance gets worse and I pick up his bowl for him to eat out of. This is actually more about my own impatience and wanting to get on with my evening rather than sit and wait for him to decide to eat.

Having me hold his bone while he chews it is rare, but it happens. One of my very good friends told me his dog does that, too, and wondered if it’s a small dog thing. Maybe it is?

Whatever the case, and whatever Leo’s motivations for doing what he’s doing, it doesn’t actually affect me. It comes down to which chair I watch the evening news from, really, which isn’t a genuine inconvenience.

But it does give me an excuse for an Instagram photo, so clearly I have nothing to complain about. And, apparently, neither does Leo.

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