Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sometimes a photo's just a photo

Sometimes a photo can be just a photo, and this photo is an example. As I said in the Instagram caption, “This photo doesn’t ‘mean’ anything”, and it doesn’t—it’s just a photo of something that caught my eye.

I shared the photo because I like to encourage others to do the same thing. It begins with looking at ordinary things that can turn out to be unordinary, whether because of lighting, or composition, anything really. Then, take a photo and share it. It doesn’t have to be great art or anything, just something that catches our eye at the time.

I think that matters because it can encourage us to look at the world around us—to really look at it. If we do, we might actually make some great art. Or not. Either way, the practice is good.

So, I grabbed my cellphone, and shot several photos to get it just right—something that digital photography makes very easy to do, and smartphones make easier still. I don’t share all the photos I take, but every once in awhile, I do, even when it doesn’t “mean” anything.

Sometimes a photo can be just a photo.

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