Sunday, August 19, 2018

Five years of NZ marriage equality

Five years ago today, on 19 August 2013, New Zealand's marriage equality law took effect, and same gender couples were legally allowed to marry. It was an important day for New Zealand. The video above was posted on Facebook by Rainbow Labour in celebration of the day.

As always happens, New Zealand has moved on. I’m sure we have some religious extremists who fantasise about repealing the law and ending marriage equality, but it will never happen. New Zealand has a long history of fighting tooth and nail over an issue, but once it’s decided, the entire country moves on. It’s always been that way, and even our adversaries in that battle—apart from the most lunatic of the extremists—are well aware of that fact. I mention that because it’s by no means certain marriage equality is safe in my native land; in fact, it’s very vulnerable.

So, congratulations New Zealand—and happy anniversary!

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