Monday, February 26, 2018

Can’t go unchallenged

Earlier today I shared an article from Politico on the AmeriNZ Facebook Page. This is what I said:

The issue here is that Bernie and his former campaign manager are explicitly undermining the Mueller investigation at a time Republicans are working overtime to do exactly that.

They’re absolutely wrong in their declaration that they didn’t benefit from the Russian Government’s interference in the 2016 US elections, because they clearly did. No one is alleging that they knew about or colluded in the Russians’ “direct measures” efforts—they absolutely didn’t. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t benefit all the same, because they clearly did.

I felt it was extremely dishonest for Bernie to try and blame Hillary Clinton’s campaign for not doing something unspecified to stop the Russians, or for not doing something else unspecified to alert his campaign. Like what, precisely?

In fact, Hillary Clinton spoke about the Russians and their interference (limited to what we knew about at the time) frequently (including calling the Republican nominee, accurately, as it turned out, a puppet of Vlad Putin in one debate). Bernie never called out the Russians. Seems to me Senators in glass houses should perhaps not cast stones.

Aiding and abetting Republicans in their smear and disinformation campaign against the Mueller investigation is indefensible. If I condemn Republicans doing it, then I must condemn anyone on “our” side, too. I also think it’s time Bernie stopped blaming Hillary Clinton for his loss. Even the Russians couldn’t help him win—actually, come to think of it, maybe that’s the real reason he chose to deny reality. But it still can’t go unchallenged

I frequently share things on the AmeriNZ Facebook Page that I never blog about. I plan on posting more original content there in the future, and I welcome suggestions.

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