Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Squashed Bella

There’s really nothing that I need to add to what I said in the Instagram caption, since it really tells the story of this photo. However, I should add one thing: Lately Bella has been the only furbaby whose photo I’ve shared, and there are two reasons for that.

First, she's thrived over the past year, despite the vet telling us in July of last year that she had days to live. I’ve gotten into the habit of documenting her as much as possible, first because I thought her days would be few, then because they weren’t.

The other reason is simply that the dogs are very shaggy—overly furred, one might say—and they would be embarrassed to have have their photos shared online (if they were capable of being embarrassed…). The fact is, they were due for a clipping about the time we moved to the new house, we didn’t get to it with everything that we needed to do, then the cold weather set in and it was too late. But Spring is imminent, and so is their Spring clipping, so photos of Jake and Sunny will resume soon. We wouldn’t want to embarrass them, now would we?

All that aside, the photos of Bella sleeping in weird places/positions IS kind of cute and weird and all that. That’s usually reason enough to share a photo.

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