Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Good dogs

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As a rule, I don’t like posting Instagram photos in sequential posts, but cuteness demands otherwise. That, and my continuing inability to resume normal blogging. Well, never look a gift dog in the mouth, right?

I took these photos this morning as we waited for the plumber to arrive to carry out some work for us. At the point, the dogs were stuck in the house with me, since the front gates were open, so they lay down and watched the front gate through the window.

The photo up top, the one I shared to Instagram, is clearly out of focus, but it had the cutest pose—and it was easier to see Jake’s head, something that’s difficult under the best of circumstances.

The photo below is basically what I saw that made me take photos in the first place. They stayed like that for a little while, but both moved after I sat down in a nearby chair. Both prefer to be close to me.

The plumber arrived and did the job, and all three furbabies were well behaved, as usual. He left and all three went back to their normal day (sleeping, mostly…) as I moved around the house working on various projects.

And, of course, they did one more thing: They gave me something to share on this blog. That was probably their biggest thing they did for me today.

Good dogs.

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Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

This is true. I thought about setting up a tracking spreadsheet like I did at the end of the past couple years, but I haven't yet decided if this year is even "salvageable" for meeting the average-of-one-post-per-day quota.

rogerogreen said...

Well, you're right about normal blogging. I have you 54 down on the 129th day of the year.