Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It happens

I’ve been very busy over the past several weeks, packing and then unpacking boxes being the chief activity. So, it was probably inevitable that given the chance a cold would try to take me down. But I can fight harder.

I started feeling bad on Monday afternoon. At first, I thought it might be a reaction to the recent change in my medication, or the fact that I’d gone for blood tests that morning—after a more than 10 hour fast. That involved a 25-minute drive to a part of Auckland I haven’t been to in many years, and one I’ve never driven to. Turns out, it was none of that affecting me: Just an ordinary cold virus.

Yesterday morning, I decided to lie down for a while, and I took the photo above. Bella was a good nurse, and almost convinced me to stay there (as did Jake and Sunny sleeping nearby). But at that point, I still felt not totally awful, so I got up and did stuff. As the day went on, I realised that I didn’t feel well enough to even contemplate driving an hour for two meetings, particularly when the drive back would have been late in the evening, and I fully expected to feel ever worse than I did earlier in the day. So, I stayed home, which was a good decision: I did feel worse as the day wore on.

Nevertheless, over the past couple days I’ve emptied some 15 boxes of their books, and managed a few other things around the house. Frequent rests were also part of the agenda.

This morning, I slept in and felt reasonably okay when I woke up, but felt worse again once I was fully awake. Still, I got a few small things accomplished this morning and hope to do some more this afternoon. There are still many things to be done, after all.

Still, I’ll be taking it easier today than yesterday or Monday because of that cold. It’s a little frustrating to be slowed down by a silly virus, but it happens.


Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Thanks—but you started it…

rogerogreen said...

my DAUGHTER started it!

rogerogreen said...

feel better, boychik