Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Latest NZ Flag Referendum TV ads

Above and below are the latest—and probably last—TV ads intended to get people to vote in the NZ Flag Referendum. Voting closes on Thursday, March 24 (because Friday the 25th is a public holiday).

The ad up top, “Got Your Papers?” was telling people how to get voting papers if they hadn’t yet arrived. I first saw (and shared it) on Facebook on March 13, though it had been posted by the Electoral Commission a couple days before. I may have seen it that night, but Iknow for sure I saw it the next day. The ad replaced the first ad, which had been running since the beginning of March.

The third ad, “Made Up Your Mind?”, which may be the last new ad, is below. It’s reminding voters to post their ballots by Monday to get to the Returning Officer on time. I first saw this ad on Facebook today (it was originally posted late last night), and later on TV when I was watching the midday news.

I always share Electoral Commission ads because they’re interesting, and also because I know others will think so, too—particularly those in other countries where this sort of advertising isn’t done. However, both ads were posted on the Electoral Commission’s YouTube Channel today (I’ve been checking frequently). That’s why both ads are in this one post: The earlier ad wasn’t available on YouTube until the newest one was.

Having said that, so far the Electoral Commission has kept most of its ads and videos from elections and referenda over the past few years. I wish it kept all of them posted because they’re a great resource when researching how democracy is done in contemporary New Zealand. But, at least we have them while we have them, I guess; I have no idea whether they’re kept in any sort of archive anywhere, but TVNZ may have the ads, since they ran on the network. If so, researchers may be able to get to them.

For the first referendum, there was a final ad (which is still on YouTube), announcing the end of voting. For some bizarre reason, I never shared it here (“bizarre” because I share such ads and because I really needed content back in December). There may be a similar one for this referendum, but it also wouldn’t surprise me with voting closing on Thursday. But, if there is a final ad, this time I WILL share it here.

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