Friday, February 26, 2016

Photo challenge: Day 5 of 7

This photo series has been about meeting a challenge, of course, but it’s also been about experimenting and trying techniques to see what happens. The photo above is another example of that.

I said when I posted it:
"Within". This photo was taken within the tops of the cabbage trees (Cordyline australis) next to our house, above the taro plants in yesterday's photo. This part of the trees is a good two storeys up from the ground, so it's not something you normally can see in larger cabbage trees. Even though our deck is high up at this location, the treetops are still higher.
I wanted to take a photo in a spot one normally wouldn’t see, but it had to be manageable, too. So, I decided to use my monopod again, but unlike the photo called “Above”, I used it to move my phone up and into the cabbage trees’ tops. Also just like “Above”, I used the phone’s timer function because I wouldn’t be able to reach the shutter button.

The results were mixed. The photo I used was not the one I originally wanted to use (that photo is below). I wanted a photo that was more visibly "within", but I ran into a sort of technical problem.

I’ve posted the photos first to Instagram, which shares the photos with my personal Facebook and Flickr. However, in this case, I’d manually transferred the photos to my Mac so I could see them better and pick the one I liked the best, which is what I’ve done with every photo. However, this time, for some reason, my phone couldn’t see all the photos, even though it shares with my Mac. And, since I can only post to Instagram through a device, I couldn’t post the photo I originally intended. Yeah, yeah, such trauma.

Anyway, it wasn’t all bad: The one I used does look a bit more exotic, even if it’s a bit less “within” than I wanted. It also does show what would normally be difficult to see—the view at the top of a larger cabbage tree.

I also tried some “within” shots in other plants in our garden, but I didn’t like them as much. Besides, I like showing off plants that are typical of New Zealand. So, still a win of sorts, I suppose.

This photo, then, didn’t use any new techniques that I haven’t already used in this series; basically it was the same as I’d used on the previous day’s photo, just in the other direction.

Only two more days to go before this series finally ends.

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