Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The second clown is gone

The second clown has come tumbling out of the Republican Clown Bus, seltzer bottle smashing on the ground, horn honking as it’s bent and destroyed. While I’m glad Scott Walker’s gone, his early exit surprised me.

When Scott announced his candidacy a bit over two months ago, I called him “The most dangerous clown of all”. Scott’s far-right, extremist political agenda made him bad, but it was the billions of dollars from the Koch Brothers and their plutocratic and oligarchic pals that made him dangerous: He had the cash to buy the White House and impose his terrible far-right ideas on everyone.

But, it was not to be, not in the year of the Trump Dump, the phenomenon that’s been sucking all the oxygen out of the Clown Bus, leaving all the other candidates gasping and struggling for attention. Even so, Walker did himself no favours.

ThinkProgress reported unflatteringly on Scott’s exit from the race, then they stuck the boot in: “The 11 Worst Moments Of Scott Walker’s Short Presidential Campaign” (http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2015/09/21/3704007/the-11-worst-moments-in-scott-walkers-short-presidential-campaign/). It was all stuff that Scott inflicted on himself because of his far-right ideology and apparent lack of campaign sense.

Even more scathing was Vox, which said of Scott that “he ran as the courage candidate, and acted like the Cowardly Lion.” They make a good case that Scott Walker’s real problem was that he simply wasn’t willing to fight to win. Clearly the Koch’s show pony was the wrong horse to back—released from the starting gate, Scott ran away.

So, Scott Walker destroyed his own campaign. Sure, Trump dominated everything, but Scott never really even tried. Good thing America found out what an empty suit he is before things ever got serious.

So, while I was surprised that Scott Walker quit the race so early, it’s clearly a good thing he did, and not just because of his crackpot ideology or his billionaire employers. Instead, we now see that he’s clearly not suited for the job, and the country should be grateful that it found that out so quickly.

As of today, there's still 1 year, 1 month, 16 days until the US presidential election.

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