Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Puppy love

There are times when furbabies seem so human that it’s hard to ignore. I had one of those times yesterday, and had my phone with me so I could preserve the moment.

I’d just finished my morning ritual of checking my email and the news that happened overnight, and stood up to leave, when I noticed Jake and Sunny sleeping in the doorway. There’s nothing unusual about that, but then I noticed that they looked like they were “holding paws”, and I took the photo (above).

I’m fully aware that their position is completely coincidental, and there was no meaning in their touching paws (apart from them being in close physical proximity). However, I do think it shows how well they get along. They often sleep near each other, sometimes touching each other, as numerous photos on this blog have shown.

Over the years, I’ve known plenty of people with two or more dogs that sometimes didn’t get along, with snarling, snapping, or more. We have the exact opposite of that. They seem to genuinely like each other, which isn’t surprising since they spend so much time together or, at least, in the same general area. Or, maybe it IS surprising because of that. In any case, we’re pretty lucky.

Mainly, I just thought it was really cute and deserved a photo. Besides, it was nice to have something positive to blog about when so little in the news is.

Once again, Jake and Sunny save the day.

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