Friday, April 04, 2014

Jake is 7

Today is our puppy Jake’s Seventh Birthday. The photo above is of him this afternoon in a typical pose, sitting in my chair and looking outside. I think he may have been a bit sick of the fuss by the time I took the photos.

This year is a bit different than previous birthdays, because it’s the first one without his blood brother Doyle, who died last year. We’d always meant to arrange a “play date” for the boys, but never got around to it. A sister came for Doyle, then one for Jake (and then another…), and, well, as is the way with humans, time just slipped away. We’ll always regret that the boys were never re-united.

We humans always live our lives as if we’re immortal, even though we know we aren’t. Furbabies have much shorter lives, more often than not, than we do, so we especially need to savour every day we have with them.

I can honestly say that I do that. There’s not a single day that goes by that they don't get my complete attention, even if only to watch them sleep. I talk to them all day long, and sometimes I even sing to them—something that, with their superior hearing, I’m sure they really wish I wouldn’t do. Or, maybe that’s just me.

The point is, we have interactions every day, and they never for a moment have to feel anything but loved, cared for and wanted. Doyle had that, too, and his passing reinforced my determination to be IN every day we have with our furbabies.

I was thinking today about how Jake is unlike any other dog I’ve shared my life with: He’s not a one-person dog, but treats Nigel and me the same. Well, not exactly the same: When I leave the house he goes spare, and, according to Nigel, he sits by the window and watches until I return. He doesn’t do that with Nigel, because I’m here. At night, Jake will lie next to Nigel and he can cuddle Jake for hours; me, I’m lucky if Jake will let me cuddle him for 30 seconds (not really an exaggeration, either). He’ll ask me to get him his breakfast and dinner, and he’ll ask Nigel for his evening treat. If he’s hurt or frightened, he’ll usually run to Nigel first. He likes to jump up in my lap when I’m at my desk, but he never does that with Nigel. All of which is part of his charm as well as his individuality.

Meanwhile, Jake’s adopted sister Sunny’s birthday is in three months, and his other adopted sister Bella’s birthday is three months after that. They're all worth celebrating, whether they take any notice or not.

The photo below is of Jake enduring ever more photos. I had to mark his special day, after all.

Happy Birthday, Jake!

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