Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kids React to Gay Marriage

This video is part of a series of videos with people of various ages reacting to things. In this one from earlier this month, kids between 5 and 13 watch two gay marriage proposal videos, one of which I posted to this blog (the other was a casualty of my lack of time for blogging, because I’d planned on posting it, too; it’s on YouTube).

In the Question and Answer section, the kids have some interesting reactions, which provides insight into some of the attitudes that are underneath broader attitudes in society. That in itself is pretty interesting.

For me, one of the best reasons for posting this video is that I’m certain its very existence will really piss off the radical anti-gay industry. Mind you, that’s incredibly easy to do: Just say a kind word about a gay person and most of the time they’re off in a frothing rage.

Which actually proves something else: It’s often true that when it comes to gay people and LGBT rights, including marriage equality, kids know better than to act like children. Maybe someday adults will learn that, too.

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