Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekend Diversion: Steve Grand (again)

Two months ago, I posted Steve Grand’s debut video, “All-American Boy”. He’s back with his follow-up, “Stay” (video above). I really like this one, too.

Where “All-American Boy” was about unrequired love, this video celebrates love—the boy gets the boy. The video depicts the joy of being with a lover, one that could have been lost, but is found again. But it’s also notable for the way in which the friends share in the fun; young people today are so very different from when I was their age—not just more accepting, but also more humane.

This video is all about fun and happiness, and the joy of being in love. It’s great to see such upbeat, affirming songs and videos. I wish this sort of thing had been around when I was a kid, but it’s here now, and that’s an incredibly good thing.

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