Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Air New Zealand celebrates marriage equality

This video from Air New Zealand is about their “first same sex wedding in the skies,” which I mentioned yesterday. In the video, Jesse Tyler Ferguson mentions how the whole country was celebrating, and it really felt like that. New Zealand is different from most countries, you see: There was never really any strong opposition and, once it was all decided, New Zealanders moved on.

As for the airline itself, I have flown Air New Zealand to and from the USA and had by far the best service I’ve had from any airline. This video shows what the company ethic is like, which helps to explain why so many people have such positive feelings about the airline.

Like any country, New Zealand has its challenges and problems, but one of the core values of this country is that everyone should get a fair go. Now, LGBT couples can, too. No wonder the country seemed to be celebrating, and no wonder our national airline did, too.

Oh, and it features some of our country’s spectacular scenery—that’s always a plus!

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