Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And they shall lead

Marriage equality is an inevitability in New Zealand and the USA. Everyone knows it—even those who want to deny reality. What’s especially obvious is the strong backing from young people.

The young people I know personally are not just accepting of marriage equality, and they’re not just incredulous that we don’t yet have it, they’re impatient to make it happen. Polls show that young people are the strongest and most determined demographic supporting marriage equality—so maybe it’s no wonder that older conservative folks are so worried.

The graphic above is, once again, from the Facebook page of United for Marriage. Even young Republicans are for marriage equality.

Earlier this week, the youth wings of every party in the New Zealand Parliament expressed their support for the marriage equality bill currently before Parliament. I don’t think they’ve ever had unanimous agreement on anything before.

The point is, young people are leading the way: Impatient with a status quo that denies fairness, liberty and equality to their friends, young people are demanding change. Existing political parties ignore them—or worse, reject them—at their peril.

The question on marriage equality is no longer if, but rather, how soon? Parties or politicians that stand in the way face oblivion. Young people—the future—have no patience with bigotry.

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