Saturday, July 14, 2012

About ABC Wednesday

Way back in January, I started taking part in ABC Wednesday, a project in which bloggers around the world post about a topic beginning with a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and going through to Z, one letter per week.

Participants often post on Wednesday in their timezone, but not all do: Folks post during that week when it’s convenient for them to do so. There’s no “penalty” for missing a week—sometimes life intervenes, after all. For example, I missed the letter L because that week was particularly busy for me.

One expectation of participants is that they’ll visit the posts of other participants and leave comments. They ask that you visit five participants’ posts and leave a comment. Overall, many of the comments people leave are brief; sometimes they’re more involved and part of a conversation, but most aren’t. I don’t mind receiving short comments: To me they’re kind of like the old days when people left calling cards when stopping by for a visit.

I try to visit at least a dozen posts every week, though I don’t leave a comment on all of them. Sometimes I’m really busy and don’t have time to visit a lot of posts, so those weeks I concentrate on visiting the posts of folks who took the time to comment on my post. There have been a few weeks, however, when I couldn’t even manage that. It’s not the end of the world.

I’ve always written about whatever interests me at the moment, but the challenge of finding a topic starting with a particular letter is interesting to me. Still, knowing what letters are coming up means it’s possible to prepare posts well in advance, and some participants do that. I often start posts well in advance, but this round I started five different posts that I ended up not finishing or using because I chose another topic instead, usually at the last minute. Pretty much like my normal blogging, in other words.

I encourage bloggers to take part in ABC Wednesday: It’s a fun thing to be part of, and this round is being—what’s the word? Curated?—by my Blogging Buddy™ Roger Green. Another reason to take part!

This round, in addition to tagging posts ABC Wednesday, I’ll also tag them ABCW Round 11, for anyone who want to see what I posted in this round only. I also added a new tag, ABCW Round 10, for all the posts from the round just completed.

I have my topic for A in Round 11 next week already picked out. Beyond that, who knows? Let's just see what happens.


Roger Owen Green said...

thank you for the plug!
Here's a sad but true piece - I've already WRITTEN MY POSTS FOR a THROUGH g FOR ROUND 11!
And I know what H-K will be.

Arthur Schenck said...

Yes, well being blog-organised isn't unusual for you, really—and I mean that as a compliment because I wish I could do that!

What I didn't make clear in my post is that I DO write posts in advance, up to the rough draft stage, and I refine them the week I publish them (even if I thought they were done…). The difference is that by "in advance" I generally mean I write them no more than a few days in advance.