Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Aussie Voice

An Australian version of the television talent show The Voice will soon begin on Nine Network. I have no idea whether it will be shown in New Zealand or not.

I heard about this indirectly through a Tweet from Darren Hayes, half of 1990s pop group Savage Garden, who is now a solo artist. He’s a mentor on the show, working with judge, and fellow Aussie, Deltra Goodrum (the other judges are Kiwi-born Aussie Keith Urban, American Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and the UK’s Seal).

The Voice is a multinational singing competition television franchise, which started in 2010 as “The Voice of Holland”. The American version began last year, and aired in New Zealand (only a few weeks behind the US…). The current US season has not begun airing here.

Personally, I generally liked the US version of The Voice better than American Idol, which it’s probably most similar to. I’d like to see the Australian version, too. At this point I don’t know if I’ll get the chance, since TVNZ hasn’t even announced plans to air season two of the American version. This really is a case of “we’ll see”.

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