Thursday, January 05, 2012

Meme of the week: Birth Song

I don’t often to Internet memes, but this one was kind of fun. It goes like this:

1) Find the #1 single the week you were born.
2) Find it on YouTube.
3) Post without shame.

I actually quite like this song, so there’s certainly no shame involved—although the #1 song before this one was “The Chipmunk Song”, which might have given me some pause.

If you want to do the meme, my suggestion is to Google “number one pop songs month year”, changing the month and year to when you were born; that’s easier than searching for the specific week because pop charts may end on different dates.

Anyway, just a bit of fun for this summer day.


Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE this song.

Tim Drake said...

I love the Platters, but no, I get stuck with Patti Page singing How Much Is That Doggie In The Window. Not fair!

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Roger: I've always liked it, too, but the weird part is that until I did this meme, I had no idea it was #1 the week I was born!

Tim: Yeah, but it could be FAR worse, ya know!

Roger Owen Green said...

Tim Drake - check my blog to see that I came way too close to Doggie in the Window! Which means you are just slightly younger than I.