Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A question on irreligiosity

My friend Roger Green periodically asks for questions on his blog. It’s a bit like “Formspring” meets the real world. In any event, he invites readers to ask him anything, so, I did—the gist is, I asked how he deals with the irreligious.

Let me cut to the chase: Roger says that if we say of him, “he’s not so bad, for a Christian” that wouldn’t be a bad thing. In my opinion, as the son and grandson of Lutheran preachers, and now as a former Christian and non-theist, I say Roger is among the most Christian people I have ever encountered. When I imagine people who may yet rescue Christianity from the rightwing political drones who have captured it in the USA and elsewhere, Roger is the sort of person who I imagine may yet do it.

I strongly urge folks read Roger’s response, because it’s masterful, because it lays out completely where a non-troglodyte Christian is, and because he’s a great guy. I cannot recommend the post—or Roger—highly enough.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I may blush. thank you.