Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny numbers

I was on Twitter yesterday (of course…) and I saw that the National Party had re-tweeted someone from a radio station I’d never heard of. That last part isn’t that important, but it was part of my “huh?!” reaction.

The Tweet said that two recent polls found that, based on the polls, National would get 65 seats in Parliament—enough to govern alone. That’s true, but what the (apparent) fan of National didn’t note was that National’s support had dropped some two points since the budget was released.

On the other had, why would he mention that? Labour’s support was static, and the support for Labour Leader Phil Goff in the meaningless “preferred prime minister” poll had actually dropped. That’s not good news for those wanting to stop a National/Act government being elected in November.

The polls show that even though clear majorities oppose National’s plans to sell-off state-owned assets and to gut KiwiSaver, they nevertheless continue to think of that Nice Mr. Key™, and well, why not give that nice man another go? After all, we haven’t been screwed over personally yet…

Being roughly 20 points behind only six months out from the election doesn’t bode well for Labour—or New Zealand. Still, there are plenty more funny numbers to come, so, well, one lives in hope.

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