Sunday, February 06, 2011

A post for Roger

Anyone who’s read the comments on this blog or listened to either of my podcasts knows of Roger Owen Green, and how much respect I have for him. His comments, whether here, on another site or on his own blog are always thoughtful, and the topics he writes about on his blog are as varied—and interesting—as you’ll find anywhere. He’s one of the bloggers I would most like to meet in real life.

Real life: Sometimes it just catches up with you. This past week, Roger’s mother passed away after suffering a massive stroke.

I wanted to post something here, but frankly I wasn’t sure if it was a proper thing to do, but—thanks to Roger—I see that at least one blogger has done that. So I will join him, and the commenters on Rogers site, in extending my condolences to Roger and his family.

The largely artificial Internet life is all too often detached from real life, and we lose sight of the real-life humans we’re interacting with. Yet the Internet can also deliver connections we’d never have had otherwise. I hope that the support and aroha Roger is receiving from around the world helps comfort him in this sad time.


Nik said...

Very nice post mate, I've been a bit out of the loop and only saw this myself. Good thoughts to Roger...

Roger Owen Green said...

As I've noted, the Intersnet has made the situation a lot more palatable. And this piece has been particularly nice.

Thank you, Arthur.