Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As we make up, not do

It’s that special time of year again! It begins right after the US celebrates Thanksgiving: Fox “News” channel and its performers start moaning about the “War on Christmas”.

It’s all a crock, of course, with little if any truth in their spin. Sometimes it’s mere exaggeration, but other times the just make it up. It’s all to score political points against liberals, progressives and Democrats, all of whom are cast in the role of the Grinch.

But the official political party of Fox, the Republican Party, is selling an ornament that declares “Happy Holidays” (in the screenshot below). Apparently the GOP has joined the war on Christmas! The performers on Fox will start attacking the Republican Party any day now!

Of course they’ll do no such thing. If it ever came up—and criticism of the Republican Party doesn’t—they’d rationalise it away. Their rules—real or imagined—don’t apply to themselves.

War on Christmas? More like a war on credibility.

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