Saturday, August 28, 2010

Double dare

One of the leading anti-gay hate groups in America is the National Organization for Man-Lady Only Marriage (or whatever their name is—like it matters…). They have a radio ad that panics and whines over whether “San Francisco values” should be “imposed” on the rest of the country.

A little history: “San Francisco values” has been a Republican code word phrase since 1984, when the Democratic National Convention was held in that city. It’s typical right-wing dog whistle politics in which normal people hear the Republicans whine about San Francisco and think it’s all about “liberals”. In fact, Republicans have always heard that phrase and thought only of the dirty queers who live there.

So NOM using that phrase is deliberately intended to rile up the bigoted homo-hating base of the Republican Party so they’ll vote in the upcoming elections. Normal people may ignore it, but the frothing right will hear it and respond. The danger is that the frothing right is VERY motivated to vote, normal sensible people much less so.

In this video, one of my YouTube faves, Sean Chapin, responds as a native San Franciscan. I double dog dare NOM to answer his challenge. They won’t because, like all hate-filled bigots, they’re too chicken shit to face their opposition. Actually, they’re too crazy to act in the reality-based world we all live in, but that’s another topic entirely.

Kudos to Sean for standing up to the hate from NOM.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Of course, the GOP had THEIR convention in SF in 1964. (WHY DO I REMEMBER THAT?) I Googled to verify, but yup; even remembered the Cow Palace, mayber because when I was 11, that was really funny.