Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big dud

We’re relieved: The predicted big storm largely avoided us. In fact, where we live, it seemed as if the storm didn’t even happen. However, others did experience problems: Some 60,000 people were without power, high seas broke boats from their moorings, a dolphin was stranded on a beach and a man was swept overboard from an outrigger canoe, and is presumed drowned.

Nevertheless, despite the New Zealand Herald’s typical overstatement (such as declaring that the storm “…left a trail of destruction across the North Island…”), “one of the worst storms to hit New Zealand in 10 years” appears to have spared the region the major damage that had been feared.

One day, a major storm will hit New Zealand or Auckland specifically. It may even be deadly. Fortunately, this time a major storm didn’t quite reach that level of nastiness. But it’s probably only matter of time until one does.

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