Tuesday, July 17, 2007

AmeriNZ #26 – Good and Bad

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So far, I’ve talked about good things about New Zealand (and I think there are a lot). So, maybe, out of balance, I should talk about the bad things. Trouble is, to me there really isn’t anything that’s all that bad. Maybe I could mention the negativity among some people. Or maybe news media sloppiness, or the weird crusades of NZ’s biggest newspaper, Auckland’s New Zealand Herald. For me, that’s about it.
New Zealand’s Parliamentary sessions are now streamed on the Internet at www.parliament.govt.nz (or the direct link here).
I catch up on comments from the past two episodes, and tell another new story, this time centred on
San Francisco. The final air conditioning update.

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Anonymous said...

The things that you would like to change don't seem all that bad. I do agree however with the issues you have with the media. I hate Fox news...but then again many do.

I think America is too uptight and conservative to ever see the nudity in big brother. Although, I would love to see some of those guys nude. Sorry you don't get the US version...there are a few hot guys this year.

Arthur Schenck said...

It's a shame that your "Big Brother" doesn't have nudity, at least in the late night version.