Wednesday, October 25, 2017

While I was away

All bloggers probably produce more stuff than they actually publish. Much of that never sees daylight, sometimes it could be resurrected in another form, and sometimes it turns up in another place. The post above ins an example of the latter.

The AmeriNZ Facebook Page is filled mainly with two kinds of content: First, notices and links to things I’ve posted elsewhere—blog posts, podcast episodes, videos. Second, I share other people’s Facebook posts, or things (like articles) that I think are interesting. These have some sort of brief text talking about whatever I’m sharing, and usually not much more (not counting comments).

The Facebook post above, however, is an example of unique content I post only to the Facebook Page. As I mentioned a couple months ago, there are good reasons for posting unique content to a Facebook Page, but I’m still not in the habit of sharing those posts here.

Be that as it may, this post originated because when I first heard the news report I really did think “WTF?!” and when I found out what the real story was, I decided to share it. It could have been a blog post, yes, but at the time I was very busy and a bit under the weather, so that didn’t happen.

I’m starting to come right now, and that means I should be able to resume blogging. For now, this post is an example of what I got up to while I was away.

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