Thursday, September 18, 2014

Campaign Diary

If I’d thought about it, I could have done a “Campaign Diary” series of posts about this election or, more specifically, what I’ve been doing. Too late now: The polls close at 7pm Saturday, and I have to stop posting tomorrow night.

Anyway, this is today:

We began with sign waving this morning. We decided to go somewhere completely different, so we went to Verrans Corner (photo above). I used to live on a street around the corner from this site, and I don’t recall ever seeing campaigns sign wave here.

We got a HUGE amount of support! Lots of toots, waves and smiles, and even our opponents were polite (I only saw one person give us the finger, and no one yelled “F-you” like yesterday). In fact, one trucker yelled out “LABOUR!” as he drove past us and tooted the truck’s throaty horn. It made up for the uncouth guy from the day before.

From there, it was off to start taking down our campaign signs (photo below). By law, ALL campaign signs must be down by midnight Friday/Saturday, and we wanted to get a head start, especially because weather predictions for tomorrow are truly awful.
The team starting to take down a sign that's clearly seen better days.

Removing the signs was very physical labour, something I’m both unaccustomed to and presently unfit for, but we persevered. Best comment of the day: My team mate Michael said, “Think of all the money you’re saving on gym fees!”

This evening I dragged my sore and weary body out to dinner with family to a place in Birkenhead. We saw that someone had written in chalk on the footpath (photo below), “VOTE” with an arrow pointing to the voting place at the nearby Rawene Centre. It was a nice way to end the evening.
Someone scrawled this in chalk on a Birkenhead footpath.

Tomorrow will be very busy, but I don’t know what, if anything, I can post before I start my Blog Blackout tomorrow night. Hopefully, I’ll at least be able to post some photos.

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