Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Waving signs

Last week, I mentioned that I’d gone “sign waving” for the first time. It was one of those things I hadn’t done before, but have now done several times. It’s actually energising, even if it does have an odd name.

What people really do is hold a sign and wave, but “holding a sign and waving” is a bit too long to say, really. Mind you, when my arms get tired, sometimes I really do “wave” my sign, by which I mean, make it “dance” a bit.

Every day we’ve done it, we’ve had toots of support from passing cars and lots of waves and smiles. Sometimes shouts of support, too. We also sometimes get a thumbs down, but we just smile and wave all the more and they can’t help but laugh.

Sadly, some people also give us the middle finger every now and then, but that’s pretty rare, fortunately—most people who are opposed to us are well-behaved. Today, however, in addition to a vigorously waved middle finger, we also got “F**k YOU!” yelled from a passing car. A real class act, that one—I'm sure his mother and grandmother would be SO proud.

Like I said, though, most people behave decently, and the majority express support for us.

The photo up top was from the sign waving yesterday morning (this time, I took it on my own phone). Maybe a half hour later, it started raining, then it started pouring, so we stopped early. We didn’t want any of our people getting sick so close to the election!

I took the photo below on Monday, from where I was standing in the line. It’s sort of an—ahem!—behind the scenes photo.

I forgot to take a photo today, partly because we battled rain today, too.

Two more days of sign waving to go, then the election!

A "behind the scenes" photo from Monday's sign waving.

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