Monday, March 31, 2014

Tall People Problems

The video above is something I originally ran across last year, a few days after it was posted to YouTube. I re-found it because of a recent post.

When I first spotted the video, I intended to post it right away, but I forgot and it languished in last year’s Drafts folder—until this week. When I again began using Safari web browser this weekend (because of what I posted on Saturday), it showed me what it considers “top pages”, and that included the YouTube page for the video. Shows how little I’d used Safari over the past seven months.

The reason I liked the video in the first place is that I can identify with many of the things it depicts; I’m no giant, but I’m tall enough to have problems from time to time. This video is an extension of a post on their site from February last year (I especially identify with number 32). So, this is similar—video based on a much earlier post—to a BuzzFeed video on logo design that I shared a couple weeks ago. Must be a thing they do and I never noticed.

At any rate, I meant to share the video when it was new, but only recently rediscovered it by accident, and all because of a political stand. Blogging can be a strange thing.

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